yes, we are going to Turkey for two weeks to watch it snowing there and take some photos if we can catch!


Phuket 2012

Thanks God, finally we are starting our Phuket posts.

Please feel free to contact us if you have anything to ask about Phuket and being there.

Unfortunately it was not a photography trip so we were without tripod, filters specially magenta, flash but camera.

I hope you will like them,


Ugur & Sunduz

Maya beach

Maya Beach or as everyone knows Phi Phi Lay island. Some scenes of the movie The Beach(Leonardo Di Caprio) were taken here but unfortunately due to heavy motorboat traffic you will find a small area to swim and only thing you can do on this island is taking photos as everyone does and after 30 minutes stay get back on your boat and get towards Phi Phi Don island for lunch.

just before Maya beach...

just before you arrive on Phi Phi Lay (Maya Beach) island boat will stop somewhere here to let you have some fun with snorkeling in this amazing greenish blue waters with full of color fishes and reef. but only for 30 minutes, otherwise you will be left behind!

Monkey island...

After Maya beach you will come here to see and feed those small but still wild monkeys on this island but unfortunately when were there it was high tide time and our dear tour guide Ms. Bambam told us we could watch them here from the boat.

Kata beach

Kata beach, one of the most popular three beaches in Phuket. 1. Patong, 2. Kata, 3. Karon. Kata is mostly chosen by families who are coming to see natural beauty only not for sexy Thai girls 🙂 Patong beach is only 30 minutes far from Kata beach and you can either take a cab or a Tuk-tuk(price same)

Kata beach

Sunset at Kata beach, between 1-5 December to celebrate king’s birthday and let small shops to earn a little more they close the Kata beach road for a temporary shopping street.

Kata view point

Kata beach

man was riding his camel ahead to his tent where they have the rest of the camels for this festivals on Liwa desert. it is one of the biggest camel festival in region with participants from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE. btw each those race camel worths more than at least 1 million USD 🙂

Wat Chalong temple in Phuket

Wat Chalong is one of the most imported and popular- three temple out of 26 temples in Phuket island. If you are there you should have at least an hour to see this beautiful temple and maybe you may get some inspiration on Budism 🙂

yes, finally the day of flight is only one day ahead of us and we are really excited about this trip. But still we have some doubts regarding our 11 months only old baby, how to have him comfortable in flight and also while touring around Phuket..

any suggestion?

Or if you have already been there and have something to advise on what to do/eat/see please let us know!

hope to be back with lots of photos and fun!




Yes we are finally back and it is time to present that we had there for you out there. let us start with a temple photo but much more is on the way.





This photo was captured in our last visit to our hometown Zile/Tokat in Turkey in October’2012. It is our very first digital photo work with which came to life with the support of lightroom and very huge help of my beautiful wife and her ideas.